January 20, 2010

Winter Fragrance

Sweet Box Sarcococca

Even with a stuffy nose from my cold, I am intoxicated by the wondrous scent that comes from winter flowering Sarcococca plants. I have two of these beautiful shrubs just outside our backyard patio. From a foliage standpoint, this evergreen shrub is not necessarily a stand out. The leaves are dark green and glossy and the shrub grows densely with a shaggy attitude. And while I can always count on it to survive and thrive throughout the summer, it truly comes into form from January on (in the NW). Tiny white flowers bloom all over the plant, their fragrant vanilla scent carries throughout the entire backyard and even drifts out front. Additionally we appreciate the occasional visiting hummingbirds and black berries that follow the flowers.

I love how Sweetbox Sarcococca's seasonal display beckons us outside to enjoy even what winter brings.

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