January 14, 2010


Felicity Hook - large & sturdy, perfect just outside your bathroom. Hang your robe or towel.

Pantry Hook - great in multiples, use for belts, scarves, necklaces, any smaller lightweight items inside your closet.

Coat Hook - classic style with rounded head to alleviate warping fabric of heavy coats or sweaters.

An organized home can't be without hooks in all sizes and styles. There are so many beautiful hooks to be found online and in stores. The few I have highlighted can be found at Restoration Hardware.

I tend to prefer hooks for usage inside closets, laundry rooms, garages and bathrooms, but not entryways or hallways. It's not that I oppose displaying beautiful hooks in useful places throughout your home, it's the inevitable dumping of clothing items that can weigh down the room and the hooks, defeating the intended purpose: organization.

When searching for hooks, "shop" your home first noting specific needs and locations before shopping. You will be hooked too!


Karen said...

Just this morning I decided to hang up my vintage aprons in my kitchen and thought, "what would Heather hang them on?" and voila! here's the answer! I love your blog Heath - especially pleasing on this quite Sunday afternoon.

H Young said...

Thanks Karen! I am so happy that I have another friend following. You are awesome, made my day!

Simply Brookes said...

I love hooks. Only bummer about being in a rental...I can't put a hook in every closet and line them in the laundry.
Love the hooks...and the candlelite.