January 29, 2010


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Has anyone heard of glassybaby? I can't say enough about this Seattle based company and their product. Cancer survivor Lee Rhodes, developed glassybabies as a diversion from the loneliness she felt during her illness. She describes them as "a small, colored, glass cup, candleholder, or vase. But the light of a candle coming through a generates more; it gives warmth to a cold day, a calm token of peace in the busy world."

We all know that having a great home is to keep only what is beautiful, useful or meaningful,a glassybaby fulfills each of those requirements. To read more or order online, visit glassybaby.com.

I really want to let you all know about their 2nd sales. Twice a year, their Madrona Hotshop sells over 5,000 unique glassybaby seconds in need of good homes to cherish and light them. Though these glassybabies may be slightly flawed, they still possess all the charm of the originals, for a $14.00 discount. I am lucky enough to live within 10 miles of Madrona. With a cup of hot coffee and my trusted bargain betty side kick, Ann, we left the house at the crack of dawn. After 2 hours in line with several hundred others (we were towards the front of the line though), we entered the studio and marveled at the tables filled with "misfit" glassybabies. Hearts racing, we gathered, tested, held to the light, oohed, aahed, conferred and finally skipped out with 3 babies each.

For the total experience without being there, this video highlights the sale:
Glassybaby 2nds Sale
Trusty bargain betty side kick Ann is the one in the cool fedora!

Next 2nd Sale is in June.


Corine said...

I love these glassbabys. I went to the website and love them. I want to order some. What colors are really beautiful? I was thinking I'd go with the neutral set. What do you think? I like the yellow too.

H Young said...

What kind of colors do you have in your home? I prefer the candlelight glow of the opaque ones as opposed to the clear glass ones. The gold, cream and milkier toned glassybabies, are gorgeous when lit. It is so hard to decide. Which ones do you have it narrowed down to?

H Young said...

Corine, you should just plan to visit during their June 2nds sale! You can see them in person and then decide.

Corine said...

I wish I could. I think opaque would be beautiful too. My house is browns, greens and neutrals. I'll look again and see if they have a set in the gold/cream colors. Thanks! Also, I spent an hour cleaning my front porch! I replanted, swept and hosed everything down and simplified by getting rid of any clutter. I'll have to send you a photo. Thanks for the inspiration Heath!

H Young said...

Hi Corine,
I can't wait to see your porch redo. If you mainly have browns, greens and neutrals in your home and you want to stay with that flow, here are some great glassybaby colors I found:

Ripe Olive
and any of the ones on page 6 of the shop link: