January 25, 2010

Bookshelf Project

I am working on the bookshelf display project as previously posted in: Play with Display. After clearing out all of the items in the bookshelf, I decided to update the wood magazine holders. They were already painted a deep chocolate. With painters tape and some leftover gray paint, I added some much needed depth and punch. I can see that they need a little touching up but I decided to post the before/after nonetheless. How is your bookshelf makeover project coming along?


Kristy said...

I really want to work on this. I have an old bookshelf that we have in our bedroom now. It has been painted white...but other than that it is basically a place holder for junk. I have been thinking about it....just haven't started yet. I will keep you posted.

H Young said...

Great! Don't forget to take pictures, I can't wait to see the results.