January 18, 2010

Play with Display

After photographing my renovated bookshelf for a before/after post, I realized I could use a little inspiration to now makeover what is displayed in my bookshelf. If there isn't one already, can someone please publish a coffee table book on display ideas, I am happy to donate a title: "Play with Display".

Love the mix of decorative objects, boxes and books:

House to Home

Drawn to the casual effortless style:

Sunset Home

Framed art and books aligned by color, weighted with magazine holders:

Sunset Home

Empty space is part of design, objects have room to breathe:

Sunset Home

Streamlined, simple and balanced not overworked or "themey":


Over the next few days I plan to incorporate some of these ideas, revamping my bookshelf. If you are inspired to join me, here are some guidelines:

  • Take a before photo
  • Clean out the entire bookshelf, organizing items into like piles
  • Decide what stays and what goes
  • Scour your home for meaningful, beautiful objects to display, don't forget about artwork, pedestals, travel mementos
  • Something still missing? plan on purchasing a statement item with a self-imposed budget limit (mine will be $10)
  • Give yourself ample time to play with the display, crank some music and enjoy the process
  • Take an after photo

I would love to view and or share before/after images from readers, send photos my way via email.


Simply Brookes said...

great post, heath.

Love the multiple "looks". Might have to steal your idea...love ya.

Corine said...

I'm inspired. I have many areas to reorganize. I'll send some photos. Thanks!!