January 12, 2010

Modern Shed

There is a far corner of my backyard where nothing seems to grow. The douglas firs and our 100 year old big leaf maple demand all of the dirt, nutrient and water resources. I no longer want to compete with or disturb their very deep roots. I love the idea of a structure to fill the space and enjoy our established trees. One of these gorgeous buildings from Modern-Shed would be perfect.
My shed would be warm and cozy, outfitted with electricity for light and heat and perfectly sized for a yoga or reading retreat. If you can't beat them, join them (the trees that is).


Tony said...

I like this one too! http://modern-shed.com/shedofthemonth001.html

When do we start?

Corine said...

Heather, I love this shed. I've been dreaming about having Art build me one. I'm gonna check out their web site. Thanks!