June 11, 2011

Anthro Inspired

The June 2011 anthropologie catalog arrived a few weeks ago. To say I was inspired and obsessed would be an understatement. The styling on their catalog is so effortlessly perfect with the unexpected mix of patterns, colors and graphics. Love!

You may remember a post about my garden from a year or so ago. We have this lovely stamped concrete patio that has a huge curved planter bed below the edge. In the past it has looked like this:

 Today it looks like this:

Motivated by the gorgeous mix of colors in recent Anthropologie catalogs, I decided to redo the entire planter and fill it with the unexpected.

Hot Pink and Orange, you bet:

Imaginings Scarf

 Yellows, Blues, Greens Top it Off
Texture, color, form and movement, without adhering to typical gardening rules. Soon hot pink "Dolce Flambe" petunias will be spilling down the walls of the planter with tall swaying grasses as a backdrop. I will have to post another photo once it begins to fill in.