March 23, 2010

Glimpse into my Garden - Part I

Side Front Garden - Mid Summer

Gate to Back Side Yard Guarded by Lola

Sidewalk to Backyard Dining Area

Upper Deck

I am revving up for an all out spring/summer gardening bonanza in my yard. Of course I plan on blogging the details. So I thought I would get you started with a glimpse into my current garden. This will be a 2 or 3 part series as I try to find all of the past photos.

Photo #1: The side front yard has a long side bed with a variety of ornamental grasses and perennials. It is pretty much self maintaining but I plan on tucking in more blueberry bushes and getting rid of the lady's mantle (oh but how I am going to manage without that gorgeous chartreuse sprig of color)?

Photo #2,3: I love the weathered gray color of the rickety old gate, it will stay. Down the sidewalk to the backyard dining area, I have ferns, blue hostas, black mondo and bright green Japanese forest grass. In late June, dozens of sorbet colored peonies pop out of the monochromatic landscape. I probably won't change much along the walk, it gets very lush and I like the repetition of plants.

Photo #4: You can see the wrap around planter, probably late spring. One year I had it filled with apple blossom, cream and black colored tulips. Unfortunately, they come back weaker each year. The tulips are an early show, followed by flowering azalea and hardy fuchsia. This entire planter will undergo the most dramatic change this spring and summer. I plan on taking all of the plants out, (replanting elsewhere), and making the planter a vegetable garden. Produce production with flowering annuals tucked in and around is my goal for this planter.

Now that I have posted my garden goals, I will have to follow through and follow up with some after photos. What are your garden goals this summer?

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Simply Brookes said...

Oh, divine! When can I come it time for us to sit on the deck, read magazines and drink our beverage of choice? So green, plush and ready for your touches. Can't wait to see this post develop.

Welcome Spring!