February 20, 2011

Found Art

Watercolor - Possibly Portugal Scene?

Coordinating Fabric

Unframed Oil on Canvas
On a recent trip to Langley, WA (where my folks reside), my friend Ann and I went on our usual thrift store digs.  There are some wonderful thrift stores on the island and although we don't always find items to bring home, this visit was a slam dunk.

I love to rummage through the art area, grabbing anything that catches my eye. With Ann and/or my mom in tow,  I can benefit from their discerning eye(s). 

How do you like my recent finds? A beautiful framed watercolor, possibly a scene from Portugal ($14.00). As well as an unframed oil painting on canvas ($10.00). This painting is in great condition. A gentle cleaning to remove the dust and it was ready to hang.

As an added bonus, we stopped by a fantastic fabric store:  Wholesale Decorator Fabrics in Freeland. The owner, Ann Flynn, stocks high end upholstery and decorator fabrics at rock bottom prices. Her selection is beautiful, unique and affordable. I couldn't resist the striped canvas and coordinating twill. Not sure what I will make yet, but how great do they coordinate with the colors in the painting?

What art treasures have you scored at thrift stores?

February 18, 2011

A Box For Everything and Everything Has a Box

After - Clean & ClutterFree

5.95 Ikea Caddy (found in Kitchen Dept)

Our Friend, Spraypaint

Before- Messy Command Central (don't look too closely)
High Gloss Caddy

You know the saying: "a place for everything and everything has its' place", I have adapted it for boxes. I can always find a use for boxes / storage containers, anywhere and everywhere.

Before I go on, let me just acknowledge the elephant in the room. Did you notice that I started with the after?  Yes, once uploaded, I did realize that the "before" photo prominently displays a box of tampons. Generic ones nonetheless!  And yes, I am too lazy to recreate the "before" mess and photograph sans feminine hygiene products, for this I apologize.

Moving on. We all have a little command central in our kitchens.  I like to keep mine to a min. but the area quickly self detonates during busy weeks. During one of my many blog crawls, I saw this project. I feel bad that I didn't note the blog/creative genius down.  This is pretty much a complete copy of said forgotten bloggers project. (If I find the post, I promise to give credit).

Details on this very easy project:
  • Ikea Caddy - 5.95, found in kitchen dept.
  • Drill hole for phone charger to thread through
  • Spray paint entire caddy with paint/gloss of choice. I wasn't sure about this goldenrod color but it's growing on me.
  • For added touch, modge podge decorative paper on the bottom. Personally, I think this is key to the finished product.
  • Once dry, reorganize, reevaluate command central and voila! Excellent caddy for just a few items.
Hope you enjoy this inspiration. Thanks!

February 12, 2011

Little Sisters

Lisabeth and I - Mom help, what year was this?
My younger sister has had a rough week. I am happy that she has reached out to her family for support and guidance. And although we can't stand in her shoes and make decisions for her, we can stand beside her, and offer perspective and love.

I can't remember what year this photo was taken, my memory bank is horribly deficient (I am going to guess, 1976). But I can always remember endless days with my sidekick, Li. The baby of the family, she was happy to let me "mother" her: make her breakfast, lunch and clean our room. Smooth sailing unless she decided that she wanted something different, you wouldn't believe the defiance and sparks that could fly from this cute, freckled face midget. My mothering ways could not withstand her category 5 lashings and I would have to submit to her will.

I hope she can tap into her strengths: intelligence, tenacity, guts and gusto and know that everything will be as she needs/wants it to be. 

 "All conditions are temporary. Nothing stays the same, nothing remains static. Which way a thing changes depends on you." Neale Donald Walsch


February 4, 2011

From Mom, with Love

Care Package Goodies

Going to This One at College
Maybe I felt like doing this for Valentine's but probaby just because. Just because winter can get you down and everyone needs a little pick up, just because college can be difficult and it's nice to get an unexpected surprise, just because I think of my kids all the time and want them to know that, just because it's nice to do something nice. Missing my kid who is working hard and trying (I hope) to dig deep and keep focused at school, as a student and an athlete.

It was fun putting this together and my reward was an excellent text (yes, that's usually all we can ask for):
"Mom, this is the best care package EVER. Thanks so much. Love and miss you guys tons."

Just because I wanted a gift back too....I got what I wanted.

February 3, 2011


Thrift Store Horses Before

After Some High Gloss White Spray
I love seeing before/afters from others who were inspired by a project. My awesome friend, Karen, jumped on the High Gloss Spray Paint project within days of my post. Queen of thrift store scavenging, Karen has a knack for finding the coolest things. I love these horse book ends and in white paint! they look fabulous. Note the excellent vintage red books, perfect for a bookshelf, credenza or side table.

Just for comparison, this White Horse Bust from Z Gallerie is $199.00:

I think that Karen spent under $10 total for her white horses!

If you've found a great object or two and glossed it up with spray paint, please send my way. I'd love to see the results.