February 12, 2011

Little Sisters

Lisabeth and I - Mom help, what year was this?
My younger sister has had a rough week. I am happy that she has reached out to her family for support and guidance. And although we can't stand in her shoes and make decisions for her, we can stand beside her, and offer perspective and love.

I can't remember what year this photo was taken, my memory bank is horribly deficient (I am going to guess, 1976). But I can always remember endless days with my sidekick, Li. The baby of the family, she was happy to let me "mother" her: make her breakfast, lunch and clean our room. Smooth sailing unless she decided that she wanted something different, you wouldn't believe the defiance and sparks that could fly from this cute, freckled face midget. My mothering ways could not withstand her category 5 lashings and I would have to submit to her will.

I hope she can tap into her strengths: intelligence, tenacity, guts and gusto and know that everything will be as she needs/wants it to be. 

 "All conditions are temporary. Nothing stays the same, nothing remains static. Which way a thing changes depends on you." Neale Donald Walsch



Simply Brookes said...

H, I love this. Truly love it.

Diana said...

so sweet...love the photo...

Shannon said...

I have a brother that I know would be at my side at the snap of my fingers if I needed him, but I'm envious of all my friends that have a sister. I watch my daughters and find great comfort in knowing they will always have each other's back when life gets tough. You and your sister are very lucky to have each other.

Pat Brookes said...

I loved this picture and believe it was 1976. We went to Busch Gardens with Mom Mom. It was a memorable trip and I am grateful for those photos.