February 3, 2011


Thrift Store Horses Before

After Some High Gloss White Spray
I love seeing before/afters from others who were inspired by a project. My awesome friend, Karen, jumped on the High Gloss Spray Paint project within days of my post. Queen of thrift store scavenging, Karen has a knack for finding the coolest things. I love these horse book ends and in white paint! they look fabulous. Note the excellent vintage red books, perfect for a bookshelf, credenza or side table.

Just for comparison, this White Horse Bust from Z Gallerie is $199.00:

I think that Karen spent under $10 total for her white horses!

If you've found a great object or two and glossed it up with spray paint, please send my way. I'd love to see the results.


Shannon said...

Hi Heather, Love the horses! My youngest daughter would be drooling over these beauties. I eat healthy and exercise, but I'll probably die of lung cancer because I spray paint so much.

H Young said...

Thanks Shannon! I just realized that I hadn't added you to my blog roll like I thought. Your blog is awesome, you are inspiring with all of the hard core projects you tackle!
I should probably suggest that people wear a mask when using spray paint.

Shannon said...

Thanks Heather, I am honored that you included me in your list. A mask would be good, but I always forget to buy them when buying spray paint.