January 23, 2011

High Gloss

Ceramic Elephant Before


Krylon High Gloss Paint (I used white)

Wendy recently turned me on to a great blog:  Three Men and a Lady.  Check it out! And in particular, tour her home. Are you drawn to the high gloss painted knick knacks tucked away here and there? Now, I am not much for knick knacks. Streamlined, clean and simple is my usual arrangement. But every now and then, a shelf, a stack of books or the coffee table, need some new life. Vignettes can be updated, changed or rearranged. 

A can of high gloss white spray paint (or color of choice), a couple of thrift store finds, and you are ready to go.  I found this awfully awesome ceramic elephant for $2. Doesn't it look great in white?

Just a couple of major tips:
  • Clean and dry your items thoroughly
  • Wait until it is at least 50 degrees out, cold paint and / or cold items do not take paint well
  • A cardboard box is the perfect work station for spray painting
  • Invest the $2.50 in the snap on handle that makes the job easier
I'll soon post before / afters of the 2 brass quail that I found. They are awaiting another coat or two and it's too cold today.

Hope you enjoy and have a great day!


Simply Brookes said...

need to stockpile my stash of high gloss high enamel paint.

You have inspired me yet again. On the lookout.

LOVE it so much I can't stand it.

Diana said...

very fun - love the elephant!

Karen said...

Inspired by the elephant - I found a couple of horse head book ends! Several coats later and voila! I'll email my before and afters!

Love it!!