October 27, 2010

Subway Art Revisited

I haven't forgotten about the number one project on my list: 

 Large Subway Art Sign

I am actually obsessed with finding out the best and least expensive way of reaching project completion. Chris from http://subwaysign.etsy.com/ has provided me with great advice and a link to his phenomenal subway signs that can be custom ordered.  You can select printed canvas or printed paper signs for more than reasonable prices.  Unfortunately, I am looking at a very specific size for my living room. 

Thus I continued on with practicing with my original plan: 

Print lettering off word doc.,transfer to contact paper.

Cut out with exacto knife.

 Transfer to painted canvas, spray paint black and peel off contact paper.
    Final product leaves me wondering. The outcome is a little messy and even for one letter this was time consuming. Back to the drawing board... Any ideas? Thoughts? Comments?  Thanks so much for visiting.

October 4, 2010

Display Hard Earned Effort

With active cross country and track athletes like these:

We were bound to amass a lot of these:

Using an existing frame that had a thin shelf insert:

 A piece of foam core board cut to size:

Ironed on white cotton twill using steam seaming:

 Cut down a few black headed straight pins:

Trimmed off ribbons, played with arrangement of medals, tacked down with pins, voila!:

A look at the framed medals hung:

As I looked at the pile of medals on closet hooks, in boxes, etc.  I was inspired by the my dad's Naval career medals and the professional display case he has them in.  This was a great hour long project.  Now our college student has his medals framed instead of hanging all over his closet.