October 4, 2010

Display Hard Earned Effort

With active cross country and track athletes like these:

We were bound to amass a lot of these:

Using an existing frame that had a thin shelf insert:

 A piece of foam core board cut to size:

Ironed on white cotton twill using steam seaming:

 Cut down a few black headed straight pins:

Trimmed off ribbons, played with arrangement of medals, tacked down with pins, voila!:

A look at the framed medals hung:

As I looked at the pile of medals on closet hooks, in boxes, etc.  I was inspired by the my dad's Naval career medals and the professional display case he has them in.  This was a great hour long project.  Now our college student has his medals framed instead of hanging all over his closet.

1 comment:

Simply Brookes said...

Great idea. I have a slew of these guys. What an inventive way of displaying them; out of the way, not collecting dust and showing off your pride.