May 21, 2010


This post may not be the most attractive subject, but I guarantee it will be one of the most useful. Next time you hit the hardware store, take a trip down the plumbing aisle and pick up 3-4 Zip-Its. This is the tool that plumbers and makers of drain cleaner don't want you to know about. At roughly $1.97 ea., this long slender piece of plastic with little barbs running along the sides may end up saving you plumbers fees or the cost (and hazards to you and the environment) of chemical drain cleaners.

To unclog slow running drains, simply insert, push all the way into the drain and pull out the clog. I use this tool for maintaining clog free drains. Whether I am experiencing slow draining plumbing or not, I take 30 seconds to clear sink, shower and tub drains routinely. Imagine the satisfaction of pulling out immense globs of gunk out of your drain at minimal cost and minimal effort!

May 17, 2010

A Side of Yellow

Etsy PoppySeedLiving

Ikea Trollsta

Etsy Oh Clementine Pi Nightstand

Etsy ModPieces


A month ago,I discussed redoing our guest room:

Guest Room Color Story

I am almost done with the room with the exception of the bedside table. After spending lots of time sanding off coats of paint on an existing wood table, I am ready to paint. Because it's time consuming and labor intensive to sand, prime, sand and then paint furniture, I want to be sure of the final color.

My original plan was to paint the table a high gloss yellow that would coordinate with the pillows and linens in the room. As the only piece of wood furniture in the room, I envisioned that this color would add punch and pizazz to the quiet, calm, color palette. Just to be sure, I spent some time looking for yellow side tables online. Research confirms that I can't go wrong by making the bedside table the standout piece in the guest room.

Can you see it?:

May 13, 2010

Card Making Party

Most of us probably spend more time on the computer than we'd like. We tend to live within this box with a screen in front of our eyes and a keyboard at our fingertips. While this has become a necessary part of daily life, switching gears and working with your hands and creative side is so healthy and fulfilling.

A few weeks ago, I hosted a card party at my home. I invited friends and asked them to bring card stock and any card making supplies that had on hand (stamps, paper punches, paper,etc.). This was a great way to join creative forces as well as share in crafting supplies. If you've ever been down the paper or stamp aisle in the craft store, you know it can be difficult to keep your inventory streamlined.

Hopefully you are inspired by this collaboration of supplies, friends and ideas. It was truly successful on all levels, we are planning another one for this month!

May 11, 2010

Plum of My Eye

Italian Plum

Typical Plum (delicious but tree is enormous)

I am so happy, I finally found the Italian Plum/Prune tree I have been seeking. For at least a year, I have been trying to find this tree with several specifications:
  • Can't grow too big
  • Blue/purple fruit
  • Self-fertile (does not need another tree to cross pollinate)
  • Delicious fruit
  • Not expensive

Yesterday, my friend Linda, and I found just the tree! This $34.00, semi-dwarf Italian plum tree will grow only 10-15 feet tall and wide. The fruit is oblong and a beautiful blue/purple. It is the perfect tree and I have the perfect spot.

It's true what they say about gardening, you have to find the right plant for the right space. If I had given up on my search for the perfect plum tree, I might have purchased one that would've grown too big, (blocking the house), or had coloring that did not have a place in the garden. I do not readily summon patience, but when it comes gardening, it's necessary to keep looking or editing your plans. Try not to be swayed for "insta-grata" buys. In time, you may be pulling that plant, weeding its self-sown offspring, or dealing with structural issues to your home due to overgrowth.

Of course I will be posting before/afters of the deemed Italian Plum planting spot. I can't wait!

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Bucket after Bucket of Incredible Tulips

Market Truck

Vendor Making Judy's Bouquet

Hailey & Judy

Gorgeous Bouquet and Flower Girl

Double Blossom Peony Tulips

My Funky Pink, Orange and Chartreuse Bouquet

Mack & Bouquets Taking the Bus

I am hoping this becomes our new Mother's Day tradition: yesterday I spent the afternoon in downtown Seattle with my son, his girlfriend and her mom (my good friend, coincidentally), walking through Pike Place Market. We have been to Pike Place on many occasions, eating at our favorite gyro or Chinese dumpling stand, always following up with cookies from 3 Sisters Bakery, but yesterday was the annual flower festival at the market. All of the flower vendors set up their tents on the cobblestone streets. Traffic was blocked off and visitors were free to wander the flower stalls, trying to decide which beautiful bouquet they would take home. Judy and I came upon a vendor that was making bouquets by request. We were thrilled with our Mother's Day bounty, gorgeous bouquets of tulips and irises and time spent with our kids. Thanks for a wonderful start to Mother's Day!