May 17, 2010

A Side of Yellow

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A month ago,I discussed redoing our guest room:

Guest Room Color Story

I am almost done with the room with the exception of the bedside table. After spending lots of time sanding off coats of paint on an existing wood table, I am ready to paint. Because it's time consuming and labor intensive to sand, prime, sand and then paint furniture, I want to be sure of the final color.

My original plan was to paint the table a high gloss yellow that would coordinate with the pillows and linens in the room. As the only piece of wood furniture in the room, I envisioned that this color would add punch and pizazz to the quiet, calm, color palette. Just to be sure, I spent some time looking for yellow side tables online. Research confirms that I can't go wrong by making the bedside table the standout piece in the guest room.

Can you see it?:

1 comment:

Simply Brookes said...

I can totally see it. Great job on the yellow side table. Beautiful shade of yellow, by the way. Love it.

I can't wait to see the final photo finish.