April 13, 2010

Guestroom Redo - Color Story

A few weeks ago, my lovely kids decided to play musical rooms. My daughter moved into her brothers room, he moved into the guest room and all of the guest room ended up in my daughters room. I wasn't thrilled with this arrangement but was assured that I wouldn't have to do anything, the kids were going to take care of all of it. They did a great job of moving everything and settling themselves, quite happily, into their new rooms. And I was left with one messy guest room that needs a ton of work to make it presentable. However, the room really did need a touch up and I am up for the challenge on these rainy spring days.

My husband and I have patched and primed the walls (literally 240 tack and nail holes to be patched and primed). Next, the easiest way for me to settle on a paint color is to figure out bedding, pillows and fabric that will be in the room. I feel very happy about the color story I have put together below. I think it will marry nicely with the beautiful Benjamin Moore Hawthorne colored walls (sorbet yellow).

A couple of these throw pillows will be the centerpiece for the color scheme:

Pottery Barn Pillow

Fresh Patterned Sheets:

West Elm

Quilted Bedcover:


Varying shades of blue throw pillows:

Pottery Barn

Textured Gray Throw Pillow:


What do you think of this color story so far? Let me know.

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