April 19, 2010

Fil's New Home

One of my favorite plants in the garden is a purple leaf Filbert. Fil also goes by Corylus, Harry Lauder's Walking Stick or Hazelnut. This purple leaf variety is gorgeous due to the dark plum colored leaves on contorted stems. It is slow grower allowing for less of a contorted mess among its stems.

It has moved many times in the yard, never seeming to find the right spot. If you enjoy the structure, whimsy and year round interest of this plant, it's imperative to find a place where the background can accentuate its' ornamental beauty.

In the large garden bed out back, Fil was lost amongst the giant evergreens and open space of the backyard. In this beautiful pot at the front entry, the background enhances the plant. It will need pruning to keep its shape within boundaries for the space but I think the effect of structure and shadow are as beautiful as having ornamental iron work hanging on the wall.


Simply Brookes said...

Oh Heath,
I love your front porch...so welcoming! When can I come over and we can chat on your front seating and drink a glass of Merlot? Well done, sister. Love it all!

H Young said...

Thanks Wendy! It is a great place to enjoy a sunny day.

Jen Briglia (Jillian) said...

Looks beautiful. I finally got going and planted some nice trailing flowers to my front pots and now need to wait for a month and voila - should be pretty.

H Young said...

Jen, be sure to send me some photos once the flowers have filled in. I would love to see!