April 30, 2010

Seasonal Switch

I apologize for the horrible flash in this photo, tried many times to capture the tree through the window without the flash, just wasn't working

This won't be a post about that nagging list of spring cleaning to dos. We all have those items to attend to, i.e. cleaning windows, blinds, baseboards, etc. I have a seemingly strange springtime ritual dependant on the blossoming of a backyard tree.

Just outside our upstairs bedroom window is a gorgeous hawthorn tree. In late April/early May, the tree produces clusters of white flowers. At first the flowers look like tiny white balls, they then open to a delicate 5 petals. Covering the tree profusely, the flowers weigh down the branches. The effect is incredibly lively and bright, and for me, indicative of the change in seasons, summer well on its way.

Once I see those white flowers filling our bedroom window view, the winter duvet and thick blankets are replaced with crisp white sheets and a white matelasse coverlet. With the walls now painted a greenish gray, the clean white stands out even more. Every spring I look forward to the dramatic change of my view and the change in my room.

Aside from the usual spring cleaning, what changes are prompted in your home/lifestyle once spring arrives?

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Simply Brookes said...

Makes me want to crawl in that crispy white, fresh bed. Love the pictures of that tree, Heath.