April 22, 2010

Salvage Yard Finds

In a previous post: Salvage Scavenger, I discussed my favorite salvage yard. As a follow up on that post, I decided to share some of the many items I have found and used throughout my home, all salvage yard items from 2nd Use in Seattle.

Additional front door that has a screen or storm insert to change with the seasons. This was my husbands pick. While the storm door option doesn't offer much draft protection the look and sound of a good old screen door nods to his Kentucky upbringing.

This purple locker isn't pretty but it sure is useful. Housed in the garage it holds lots of running shoes. I remember buying this 14 years ago for $30! They currently charge up to $150 for lockers as they have become a popular item.

I love this cute little mailbox. I spray painted it and hung it in the entry way. There isn't anything in it and I don't use it at all, but couldn't resist the scalloped edges!

The yellow magazine rack was found just when the kids were going to elementary school. It has always been the perfect spot to place all of those school forms and projects for safekeeping. I didn't even paint the rack, just cleaned it and added the metal hardware.

For $10, metal gym baskets are endlessly useful and usually available. I keep gym supplies, cleaning supplies, towels or reusable grocery bags in some of my baskets.

Hope you enjoyed viewing some items I have saved from the salvage yard. I hope to have more to post about 2nd use soon.

Thanks again for taking a look!

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Simply Brookes said...

Heath, you have incorporated a great unique style in your home creating inviting spaces every time you turn around. I get inspired each and every time I am there. Miss that.