May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Bucket after Bucket of Incredible Tulips

Market Truck

Vendor Making Judy's Bouquet

Hailey & Judy

Gorgeous Bouquet and Flower Girl

Double Blossom Peony Tulips

My Funky Pink, Orange and Chartreuse Bouquet

Mack & Bouquets Taking the Bus

I am hoping this becomes our new Mother's Day tradition: yesterday I spent the afternoon in downtown Seattle with my son, his girlfriend and her mom (my good friend, coincidentally), walking through Pike Place Market. We have been to Pike Place on many occasions, eating at our favorite gyro or Chinese dumpling stand, always following up with cookies from 3 Sisters Bakery, but yesterday was the annual flower festival at the market. All of the flower vendors set up their tents on the cobblestone streets. Traffic was blocked off and visitors were free to wander the flower stalls, trying to decide which beautiful bouquet they would take home. Judy and I came upon a vendor that was making bouquets by request. We were thrilled with our Mother's Day bounty, gorgeous bouquets of tulips and irises and time spent with our kids. Thanks for a wonderful start to Mother's Day!


Simply Brookes said...

Oh how I love this post. Loved seeing all those faces of family I miss so dearly. Oh, and the flower heads were beautiful, too.

Great shots. What a fun day.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for a great outing. Yes, lets make it a tradition. We will need to drag down Andie and Ali with us next time, or we could ship Mack and Hailey home. My flowers are beautiful and we are enjoying them!!! From Judy and Hailey