May 21, 2010


This post may not be the most attractive subject, but I guarantee it will be one of the most useful. Next time you hit the hardware store, take a trip down the plumbing aisle and pick up 3-4 Zip-Its. This is the tool that plumbers and makers of drain cleaner don't want you to know about. At roughly $1.97 ea., this long slender piece of plastic with little barbs running along the sides may end up saving you plumbers fees or the cost (and hazards to you and the environment) of chemical drain cleaners.

To unclog slow running drains, simply insert, push all the way into the drain and pull out the clog. I use this tool for maintaining clog free drains. Whether I am experiencing slow draining plumbing or not, I take 30 seconds to clear sink, shower and tub drains routinely. Imagine the satisfaction of pulling out immense globs of gunk out of your drain at minimal cost and minimal effort!

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Simply Brookes said...

Ha! You are right...this is useful. My master sink is very slow draining. Guess where I need to head this weekend? Home Depot. Thanks for the great tip. Keep them coming.