January 25, 2011

New Recycling - CFL and Bottle Caps

This subject isn't necessarily glamorous or design worthy, but it does add to a conscientious home philosophy.

I feel so fortunate to live in an area with great advancements in recycling and composting. Through the efforts of our city and within our home, our weekly garbage pick-up is minimal.  And as is typical in our home, it's become a competition to lessen the amount of trash each week. We are able to compost kitchen scraps, pizza boxes, meat and fish bones, and more in the yard waste container. Cardboard, plastics, paper, glass, etc. all go in our recycling bin.

Recently I've found 2 more ways to recycle:

1. Many Bartell locations have free CFL (compact flourescents) recycling. CFL bulbs should not be placed in your regular trash due to the mercury in the bulbs. My bulb bin in the garage usually awaits the quarterly "hazardous waste dump days". Now these items can be taken directly to Bartells.  For more info:


Or google "CFL recycling in your area".

2. Aveda will recycle plastic caps!  Now I know it seems that we need a set of instructions for mindful recycling these days. And one of the rules of recycling is that plastic lids on items need to be removed. Many of those lids now have a place to go:  AVEDA!

For more info:


Be sure to print the cap collection guide for easy reference.

And if competitiveness doesn't inspire you to ramp up your recycling, simply envision "THE VORTEX":

Do you have any other recycling tips? Does your community offer great ways to recycle? I would love to hear more!  Thanks for stopping by.

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