January 8, 2011

Cheese Paper

Dark winter nights in the NW have me regularly rustling up a small appetizer plate prior to dinner. My current favorite pre dinner nosh is English Blue Stilton and Pinot Noir salami slices from Trader Joes.  The stilton cheese is creamy, slightly sharp and absolutely delicious.

Storing this cheese for optimal taste has always been an issue for me. It hardly works to dump leftovers in a plastic baggie. Tupperware containers leave too much air around the cheese, possibly drying it out. Cheese papers to the rescue!

I may be the last to know about these papers, but I will still share.  A local kitchen shop sells Formaticum Cheese Papers for 6.95 pack (12 sheets and stickers). Each sheet can wrap 2 wedges of cheese. You can note the type(s) of cheese with the adhesive labels that are included. I enjoy a variety of cheeses, especially during these darker winter days, and I'm glad to find a way to store them appropriately.

What's your favorite cheese? Where do you shop for your favorites?


Shannon said...

So cool! I'm the last to know. You beat me. You always have such cool posts. I wish you posted more often.

Mrs. Jones said...

I'm one more person who didn't know about this. I had absolutely no clue.

Trader Joe's is my favorite place to get yummy things!


Diana said...

..was totally unaware of this too - i will probably now see them everywhere i go...

H Young said...

Thanks for your comments! I am glad that I am not the last on the block. I love these papers.

Shannon, thanks for complimenting my posts. I too wish I would post more often. There is such a lag time between uploading photos, gathering my thoughts and actually posting. Eeeks! I will try to get better.