February 4, 2011

From Mom, with Love

Care Package Goodies

Going to This One at College
Maybe I felt like doing this for Valentine's but probaby just because. Just because winter can get you down and everyone needs a little pick up, just because college can be difficult and it's nice to get an unexpected surprise, just because I think of my kids all the time and want them to know that, just because it's nice to do something nice. Missing my kid who is working hard and trying (I hope) to dig deep and keep focused at school, as a student and an athlete.

It was fun putting this together and my reward was an excellent text (yes, that's usually all we can ask for):
"Mom, this is the best care package EVER. Thanks so much. Love and miss you guys tons."

Just because I wanted a gift back too....I got what I wanted.


Diana said...

I love this post - and the package...:)

Shannon said...

Oh, I'm going to cry. How do you let them go to college? Mine are in 8th and 5th grade and I can't even fathom next year is High School.

Simply Brookes said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the LOVE behind this. Agree with S, still can't fathom when that is me sending the care packages. Thank goodness you are paving the way for peeps like me, H.

Pat Brookes said...

You bring tears to my eyes. I miss him too! I am so proud of you for creating such a thoughtful gift.