February 20, 2011

Found Art

Watercolor - Possibly Portugal Scene?

Coordinating Fabric

Unframed Oil on Canvas
On a recent trip to Langley, WA (where my folks reside), my friend Ann and I went on our usual thrift store digs.  There are some wonderful thrift stores on the island and although we don't always find items to bring home, this visit was a slam dunk.

I love to rummage through the art area, grabbing anything that catches my eye. With Ann and/or my mom in tow,  I can benefit from their discerning eye(s). 

How do you like my recent finds? A beautiful framed watercolor, possibly a scene from Portugal ($14.00). As well as an unframed oil painting on canvas ($10.00). This painting is in great condition. A gentle cleaning to remove the dust and it was ready to hang.

As an added bonus, we stopped by a fantastic fabric store:  Wholesale Decorator Fabrics in Freeland. The owner, Ann Flynn, stocks high end upholstery and decorator fabrics at rock bottom prices. Her selection is beautiful, unique and affordable. I couldn't resist the striped canvas and coordinating twill. Not sure what I will make yet, but how great do they coordinate with the colors in the painting?

What art treasures have you scored at thrift stores?


Shannon said...

Love your frugal shopping finds. The art always makes me wonder about the story behind it? I "collect" fabric too before I know what it will turn into. I have had to temper my fabric hoarding tendencies because I don't have anymore room to store it.

Simply Brookes: said...

love your art finds, H. You definitely have an eye.

Mrs. Jones said...

I love that watercolor! I haven't found any good art but I did find a huge pottery barn natural fiber rug and a brand new down comforter. Got each for $10. Yay!