March 7, 2011

Mini Guest Room

Mini Guest Room
Notice "Lola Van Gogh" by Grammy Brookes
Office Area in Mini Guest Room
White Faux Leather Chair - $130 at Marshalls

White Faux Leather Chair - $249 ZGallerie
The Mini Guest Room (twin bed only):  good for teenage sleep overs, nights when your husband is coughing too much, and for Zoe, the cat, to lounge in the sunny window.  We do have another regular guest room downstairs that can be used while son is away at college. 

A little background on this room that used to be my daughters':  picture 500 tiny tack and nail holes everywhere, tape, stickers and nail polish on the windows and window sills as well as dinged and damaged baseboards.  (There are no before pictures because it was too hideous).  She has since moved to her brothers old room, which is now undergoing similar treatment.  For the new mini guest room, my husband and I cleared out, patched, repainted and installed new trim.

We used the twin bed we already had although it would be more practical to have a full.  On the opposite side of this long, narrow room is the computer desk/chair.  I have tried to keep this room very clean, streamlined and simple, in furniture and color choices.

What do you think? Any thoughts on the "accent" wall. (Not my favorite but I had the paint).


Diana said...

I do love that blue - looks like a nice blue gray and coordinates with your bedding so well - i love the lola painting!

Simply Brookes: said...

The color is even better than I remembered! Oh, and the lola van gogh painting is the piece de resistance! GREAT room. When can I come?