March 30, 2011

White Denim is Always In

2 Ugly & Armless Club Chairs

After White Denim SlipCover Treatment

Yes, this is bad. The frequency of my posts have matched the frequency of the appearance of sunshine in the NW.  It's been a brutal start to spring with more on its way. Yikes!

Slipcovering is a great rainy day project. I actually wish it took me longer than it does to finish slipcovering chairs because the rain is still here.  Anyway, my husband and I came across these "cute in and ugly way" chairs at an antique auction. They were roughly $60 for the pair.  I invested another $60 in white cotton denim and piping.  I love the way the crisp white denim looks. These 2 smaller chairs replaced the larger similar one:

Now in Upstairs Guest Room

Can you spot the partridges in the after photos?
 I am now itching to recover my large sofa now too.  The California gal in me is ready for a  summer beach look to compete with the gray rain outside.

What do you think? And also, thanks for visiting even though I haven't posted in so long!


Shannon said...

Yay you're back and you've been busy. Love the new slip covered chairs and the partridge pillow too. It looks great.

Mrs. Jones said...

That looks great! I have a couch I need to make a slipcover for, but I'm too chicken.


Shannon said...

Oh, I see the little white partridge now. I was looking at your blog on an Ipad. The pictures are smaller, and my eyes are going. So cute!

H Young said...

Thanks for checking it out Shannon and Heather. I love the little partridges...once again, white spray paint.
Heather, slipcovers are easy. Wendy and I could talk you through it no problem. If you can sew a pillow, you can make a slipcover. Go for it!