March 31, 2011

Take the Plunge?

Distressed Pine Dresser - Grey Patina
Danish Industrial - Salvage Wood Coffee Table
Grey Washed Wood
Living Room/Coffee Table Current

Lots of Crevices and Bad Knobs
Coffee Rings Everywhere - Thanks Daughter!
I have been contemplating this coffee table project for months. It involves taking the plunge which might literally have me also taking a a bridge, into some icy waters where I would be saved from stripping/sanding. 

The good: 
  • solidly constructed
  • giant and utilitarian
  • drawers to hold games, knick knacks
  • perfect size for our living room
  • we own it
The bad and the ugly:
  • the color
  • the knobs
  • the coffee rings
The inspiration:

I have been obsessed with the grey washed patinas seen in recent months in catalogs (restoration, room and board) and shown in above photographs.  This is a classic wash that can looked weathered yet clean. Light but not white.

The problem:

Stripping and sanding. Need I say more. Once I start, I have to finish. There are details, crevices and mouldings all over this piece. It won't be easy.

Shall I take the plunge?  Any thoughts on this distressed grey washed patina?


Kristy said...

Take the plunge but forget sanding and stripping. See Shannon's blog she painted a dresser a grey pantina and she did not strip...she may have sanded a little....but I don't think it was a crazy amount.

Pat Brookes said...

I'm looking at that nice warm color in your room and thinking gray? Add more gray to the PNW? I don't know!

Shannon said...

I'm in the same situation. I'm going to re-finish a buffet that belonged to my Great Grandmother. It has an orange patina and a "Stickley" style that I have never liked, but I can't part with it. I hate sanding and avoid it at all costs, but this is going to require going down to the bare wood. Good luck!