March 9, 2010

Snowshoe Adventure

I am lucky to have great friends that are always up for an adventure. And yes, a snowshoe walk is an adventure in my book. A few weeks ago, a swim friend planned this outing through the Snoqualmie Pass forest service. Six of us drove 45 min. to the pass,(Cascade Mountain Range), on a beautiful, sunny day. The forest service provided the snowshoes and the ranger for a suggested donation of $20/person.

The walk was incredible as we passed through sunlit old growth forest, over melting creek beds and into clearings where we could feel the sun warming us. Ranger Pat was the perfect guide, teaching us the wonders of a winter forest throughout the hike. Did you know that snow worms existed? Live trees emit heat due to sap production? We hiked for a couple of hours stopping for lunch in an open meadow. The snow shoe hike was the perfect combination of working out, experiencing something new, discovering nature in winter and enjoying friends.

If you live in the NW and would like more information, visit: Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest-Recreational Activities.

Our next adventure: The Alcrataz Invitational Swim.


Kristy said...

This sounds like alot of fun!! You all look like a fit group of people!
Can't wait to hear about the Alcatraz swim...not sure if it is the same weekend but there is a Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival held in September perhaps you could hit that too. If you swim to Alacatraz you will definitely have burned some calories and deserve some chocolate!!

Simply Brookes said...

What a great post. Would have loved to join you but you all would have been waiting for the slow poke and your friends would have been mad at you for bringing a slow friend.
I would have loved it.
Great fun.
That is on Michael's Luxury Wish list...a pair of snow shoes. Go figure.