January 17, 2010



I have always loved the flickering glow of candlelight for ambience at home. The long dark winter nights of the NW have me lighting candles housewide by 5pm. My dedication to this nightly event requires the candle drawer to be stocked with tea lights, votives and pillars.

While enjoying breakfast with friends at a great local bistro recently, I noticed the decorative candle holders had mini oil cartridges for light instead of tealights. These are brilliant! They burn parafin from 8-15 hrs (depending on size of cartridge) and are both smokeless and odorless. In using the cartridges, I can eliminate the sooty buildup on inside windows, the nightly replacing of tealights and cleaning out waxy candle holders. You can find these mini oil cartridges at Dining By Candlelight - 57.99 for 180 cartridges (approx. .32 ea) or at a local restaurant supply.

Let the glow go on.

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