January 7, 2010

Product Review - Coffee

I do love my morning coffee.  And while I acquire many pantry staples from Trader Joes, on a recent nudge from my mom, I purchased their French Roast coffee.  $9.99 for 26oz., it comes whole bean, dark, rich and smelling just the way great coffee should smell.  The canister is colorful but I just had to transfer the beans to my flea market find jar.

Another coffee rave review is for SLO Roasted Coffee out of San Luis Obispo, CA.  I have been a fan of their coffee since the late 90's.  For my dads' 70th birthday, my siblings and I pooled our funds for coffee for a year.  He enjoyed a pound of coffee/month.  Teds' top picks:

I find their coffees well worth the price and will usually order at least 3lbs. to make shipping costs worthwhile.  The best part of waking up is definitely a delicious cup of coffee.

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Wendy said...

Love the post, Heath. You are raising my bar...love the "about me" as well. Nicely put. Keep up the great work, blogger.