January 21, 2010

Flea Market

Just across Lake Washington lies the city of Fremont, a city I am lured to on occasional Sundays for their weekly flea market. I am grateful to have the opportunity to find unique arts/crafts, antiques or real hidden treasures there. I also love that on any given Sunday, I have great friends willing to join in on a field trip to the city.

A couple of weekends ago, I ventured to Fremont with my friend Ann. We usually set some guidelines for our Flea Market outings:
  • Dress warm and bring hot coffee
  • Go early
  • Bring cash
  • Know what you are looking for (stay keen on finding what you seek)
  • Avoid bright shiny objects (don't buy items just because)
  • Bring your camera (this is actually the first time I followed this rule)

Ann had every intention of finding a particular wonderful artist while I was looking for a unique lamp for a small living room side table. As with most flea markets, the vendors are hit and miss, they may not attend each week. Ann did not find her artist who paints crows and there weren't any lamps that caught my eye.

With my camera in hand, I did manage to capture some of the adventure:
  • The 96 year old pianist who greatly added to the atmosphere
  • A post typing cement lion
  • Very cool plaid suitcase (I didn't buy it, shiny object)

As I continue to enjoy the Flea Market , there will be many more stories and treasures to share. Do you have a flea market in your area? Treasures to be found?

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