January 28, 2010

Grand Entry

One Kings Lane

Emerald Bay Photo

Sheppard Design

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Fear not, this is not a post about spending lots, or any, money on the curb appeal of your homes' front entry. The photos included are only meant to inspire you to ponder. When friends, family and guests visit your home, does your front entry welcome them? The front of your home represents you and welcomes those poised to ring your doorbell or knock on your door.

This may sound strange but I often treat our front entry as a room that needs cleaning, a semi-regular chore. Neighbors have grown accustomed to finding me vacuuming cobwebs from the entry and front step. The glass on the storm door is cleaned just as often as the inside windows. Though more difficult in the winter, I try to keep the planter spruced up with winter hardy plants.

Step outside your front door, walk up to it as if you were a visitor. What do you see? What does it say about you? Be objective and ruthless, this could be a 30 minute cleaning job that changes the entire look of your entry.

Cleaning checklist to make your front entry grand:
  • Clear away shoes, toys, bags or trash
  • Vacuum or dust cobwebs in the portico/alcove
  • Sweep away all debris under entry mat
  • Wash or replace entry mat
  • Wipe handprints, dirt and dust off front door and door handle, clean any glass
  • Clean dirt and debris from your front light, replace bulb if necessary
  • Trim back any shrubs or plants that block the walk or front step

Cleaning is just a start on your front entry makeover. Try working on this over the next few days. Next week, I will follow up with a post on great final touch ideas. Once complete (cleaning and final touch), I would love to hear your story and view your before/after photos.

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Simply Brookes said...

I can just see you out there with your broom. I love it. Great post, my friend.