January 5, 2010

Rainy Days

Living in the Seattle area, a majority of my lifestyle posts may have a rainy theme.  Even our Havanese, Lola, is accustomed to the affects of rainy days.  She instinctively knows that wet paws from her romp outside = towel dry off.  Lola will slink in the back door with her head down and a reluctant paw extended.  Her arch enemy, aside from our white cat, is the dreaded towel.

I have amassed a small collection of vintage towels for these exact events.  These towels have been found digging through thrift shops, garage sales or flea markets, usually for $1-2 apiece.  They are fantastic due to their funky colors/patterns and small size (no one will mistakenly use for bath towels).  A small collection is all that is necessary, have fun hunting for vintage towels!

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