January 7, 2010


Ceramic Compost Pail, Williams&Sonoma

When it comes to recycling, we live in a great city. It's is made easy by city efforts, it gets done because they make it doable. Curbside recycling has been a way of life in our household for years. Last year the city upped the ante by adding food scrap recycling. Food scraps are collected right from our yard waste bins and are then composted with yard debris. I probably should be making my own compost, recycling scraps in a compost pile. I tried, it didn't work for me. I hated the giant black container, I could never figure out what they were referring to regarding the correct ratio of organic materials. Oh and I could never "stir" it.

Curbside scrap recycling works for our family, it has reduced our trash by 30-40%. We are now used to throwing scraps in our container, not in the trash or garbage disposal. Recycling this way has a huge impact on our environment, it is simple and practically free. (Though not necessary, I purchase the biodegradable bags -$4 for 25 bags, the process is less messy with the bags).

Most cities have or will be implementing mandatory scrap recycling laws. San Francisco boasts a self-imposed goal of a 75 percent recycling rate in 2010, with zero waste by 2020! Be wise about waste and join in now.

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