February 4, 2010

Grand Entry Accessorize

It has been a week since I posted: Grand Entry, suggesting the task of sprucing up your front entry. Thanks to everyone for your feedback, I am pleased you were inspired to step out front and view the entry in a new light.

We all know that plant/flowered filled pots, a welcoming entry mat and stand out address numbers are great basics in accessorizing your front entry. Let's take it further with one or two items that make you the best on the block.

Why not hang an art piece in your entry? Wrought iron plaques can be hung within the alcove/portico or allowed to weather naturally on an exposed wall.
Ballard Designs


Steps or a front porch can be the perfect spot for a large lantern. Keep scale and space in mind if considering this addition. One small lantern will be lost on a large porch. Also, will a lantern block access to your front door?


Berber Trading

Finally, is it time to ditch your doorbell? A simple, classic doorbell can mirror the finishes chosen in your lighting, address numbers and door hardware. Upgrade your entry with $10-15, minimal time, and some simple wiring. Look no further than Restoration Hardware for a great selection.

With any accessorizing, be sure to keep it crisp and clutter-free. Your front entry should represent your home and invite guests, not become an obstacle course or visually distracting.


Corine said...

I hear you Heath about trying to be clutter free. After your other post about taking the time to tidy up your front porch, I completely cleared it and started over clutter free with simple contemporary boxwood round shrubs in my planters flanking my porch. Got rid of everything else. But now that I see this post, perhaps I could use a lantern or two??

H Young said...

Corine, I love it! Can you send me a photo via email? I would love to see how the "after" looks.

Kristy said...

I have good intentions to work on my front porch but with the pool construction...it has become sort of a storage spot right now. And the porta-potty in the front driveway isn't helping...a few weeks and I will be ready to show the "before" and "after"! Love the idea of the doorbell upgrade...easy and cheap! Got to love it!