February 5, 2010

Can It

Metal Quart Tin from Container Packaging and Supply

I spent roughly 3 hours cleaning out one area of the garage yesterday. Although we try to keep the garage pretty tidy, (a weekly kid chore), it never seems to look or feel that great, especially with the shelves full of various paint cans.

We do a lot of painting, there are probably 30+ cans in our garage, most are unmarked with warped lids and dried paint down the sides. Ugly. When I took a break from my garage cleaning, I was perusing my favorite blogspots. Lo and behold, I found this excellent article in "Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone", all about organizing household paint colors. I love the idea of having a tidy shelf of marked paints.

Photos courtesy of Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone

The photos tell the story of this genius organization idea. If you would like to read the whole post and download the labels for the tins for free, click here.

1 comment:

Simply Brookes said...

Funny. I saw the original post and thought it clever. Glad you are recycling and turning others on to that sight.
Great idea! Would love to see the finished product when you are done.