February 17, 2010

Card Making

Although Valentines Day has come and gone, if a rainy days comes your way, today's post might be great inspiration for you to gather materials and enjoy creating a pile of unique cards to use throughout the year.

Materials needed:

Card stock and envelopes (different sizes)
Magazines, catalogs, colored paper, photos, etc.
Paper Cutter
Eyelet Kit

A few years ago, my mom gave me an eyelet kit for my birthday. It's my all-time favorite tool for card making:

Using a paper cutter, trim art from magazines, photos or catalogs:

Align art on card stock, make guide punch hole:

Insert eyelet (they come in many colors, choose those which compliment artwork):

Hammer eyelets down on opposite side:

Voila, a beautiful card:

The Anthropologie catalog is my favorite for finding great images to use on cards:

Cards and mini-cards from Anthro photos:

After just a couple of hours, I am now restocked with many cards. I have dozens of mini-cards, (2in. x 2 in.) for thank yous or little love notes, and a variety of standard 4 x 6 in cards with seasonal images secured to the front. It was great to use materials I already had around the house and end up with unique yet easy handmade cards for any occasion.


Corine said...

I love this idea. So much more personal to get a card from someone who took the time to make it. Nice Heath!!

Pat Brookes said...

I loved my shell card. Thank you. Very impressive and you have given me ideas for my own images.