February 2, 2010

Art in Nature

Great minds think alike, right? If you didn't already know, my great friend and sister-in-law, Wendy Brookes, has a phenomenal blog: SimplyBrookes. Wendy, my brother and their 3 girls, are currently living on the east coast in Washington DC. She has 3 hours up on me in the mornings. When visiting her blog this morning, I see that she has an awesome post on The Calming Sea, using bits of nature found in the ocean in your home. Little did she know that I had just drafted this post about seashells last night! This is great, 2 for 1 inspiration.

I am a Gemini, no water sign in my astrology. Yet I am most happy in, near or by the water, particularly the ocean. As Wendy is calmed by the sea, I am enthralled and invigorated by anything related to beach, waves and water.

Yesterday when cleaning out a closet, I found a couple of small frames that I thought would be perfect for my bookshelf makeover (soon to be unveiled). The frames are great but the photos within don't work. So I logged into my library account and placed all of the above Seashell books on hold. I know I will find 2 or 3 great images of shells, photocopying them in black/white, sizing them to fit the small frames. (I hope the copyright police don't come after me). Can't wait to show you the results.

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Corine said...

How funny Heather. I just left Wendy's blog only to find more inspiration on yours! I guess your great minds think alike!!