February 3, 2010

Back in Black



Storing my new find, the excellent footed glassware from France, required a total clear out of my upper glass front kitchen cabinets. For this post, I am just showing one of the cabinets. I cleared them out, gave them a good cleaning and restaged the with silver and glassware. Side note, I do like my silver tarnished and yes, my wine glasses leave much to be desired, I am patiently waiting to find just the right wine glasses at just the right price. My goal was to thoroughly clean the cabinets and restage the items to look streamlined and crisp with the doors open or through the glass fronts.

I was happy with the outcome but it felt a little stark. I grabbed a big sheet of black card stock and placed it behind one of the shelves. The glassware and silver seemed to pop with a black background. With this idea, I ran to Home Depot and purchased a roll of black contact paper ($5.97), it happened to come in a faux leather finish (very subtle though). With some time and precision I redid all of the cabinets covering the back panel with black. I love that it isn't a permanent look, it required no construction and the kitchen looks sleek and a bit updated. My big regret is that we never installed interior cabinet lighting when we remodeled. At night, lighting within the black backed cabinets would be gorgeous!

The lighting in my photos can't quite do the look justice but I would love to know what you think. Does this look work for you?

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Simply Brookes said...

Great look! Love the black shelf paper. You can check Home Depot for stick on undercab lighting. You could turn them on for a night of entertaining. No plugs, even.

Check it out.

Love the post.