February 10, 2010

Bookshelf After

Play with Display Project

The "after" of my bookshelf is complete. This seemed like a simple task: clear out the bookshelf and thoughtfully rearrange books and decorative items. It did take some time and rummaging. I wanted to stick to either using what I had or spending no more than $10 for items. The butterfly prints were color photocopies and the frames were unused in a closet. The wood bowl was a garage sale item from years ago, I gave it a new look with several coats of paint. I also added some dimension to the existing magazine holders. The cat is not a permanent fixture, just Zoe's' new survey spot.

My inspiration was this photo:

From a visual and practical standpoint, I loved how they hung art inside of the bookshelf, easy to dust the shelves without moving your display. I also liked the balance of items, the open space and the fact that there wasn't a theme.

Having used only $3 for the color photocopies, I would still like to find some pottery items (similar to inspiration photo), in place of the small bird house (too much brown).

Thanks for checking out my after photos. Let me know your thoughts, would you change this up in any way?


Corine said...


H Young said...

Thanks Corine! Did you redo any shelves? Do you have any photos to share?

Wendy said...

Love the cat fixture on top shelf. So very realistic!

Love the hanging pictures incorporated into shelving.