February 18, 2010

Forcing Flowering Branches

Flowering Quince, Housemartin

Crab Apple Branches, Sunset

Witch Hazel Branches, Valeaston

Dogwood Branches, Habitually Chic

I can't say enough about the beauty of flowering branches for an early spring display indoors. Any chance I get, I will trim flowering quince from a friends 20 ft. high quince bush, bring the branches inside and display in a huge vase on the dining room table. The structure and form of the branches alone are visually attractive, and once the flowers bloom, an astounding display!

Just today, while heading out on a walk with a friend, I saw 8 giant yard bags filled with pruned cherry tree branches. The branches were covered with buds and even some open flowers (it has been unseasonably warm this winter in the NW). What luck, just bags and bags of flowering branches waiting to be hauled off to yard waste. One of those 20lb. bags came home with me.

Flowering branches are a simple way to make great impact on any table. Cut the branches at least twice the height of the vase. You really want to maximize their structure. Trim off the lowest leaves, suckers or buds and sink into a vase of cool water. Change the water frequently and you will enjoy their display for weeks.


Simply Brookes said...


Love that. Can't wait until we have buds around here.

Corine said...

Heather, I have some dogwood branches in a vase on my counter right now. Love them. They last forever too. I love this kind of decorating. It's natural, and not trendy. Flowers belong in everyone's house!