July 1, 2010

The Vortex

Plastic Vortex in Pacific

As a mother of teens, there are many things that keep me up at night. And though I am known as a bit of a worry wart, you might not expect that I worry about the "plastic vortex", that swirling mass of plastic, roughly the size of Texas, assembled in the Pacific Ocean. My walking friend can attest to my obsessive litter pick-up as I mutter about the vortex.

We can all pat ourselves on the back for our great habits regarding reusable canvas bags for shopping trips. Now it is time to take our habits to another level. As my plastic consumption awareness has grown, I look for more alternatives, most recently these durable (and reusable) polyester bags for produce.

While my local PCC Natural Market sells these bags in various sizes in their produce section, they are not available in most mainstream grocery stores. At ReusableBags.com, a set of 5 bags will cost you $10.95, keeping countless produce bags from landfills and possibly the "vortex".

If you have other tips regarding reduction of using plastic items, please share! Thanks so much for reading this post. I hope this inspires you to adapt and change another habit and pass it on to others.


Pat Brookes said...

I like it! I too hate the vortex, just knowing that it is out there makes me ill!

Barbie said...

If you are an Amazon shopper you can find the for $11.00 for set of five and combine with other stuff for free shipping.