April 7, 2011


Best Garden Girl Friend

Arrange Selections, Step Back and Evaluate

Copy Nursery Display Containers
Love the Color Contrast

New Use for Tires

Smaller Pots = Better, Less $
We Mean Business!

Ah, Spring!
I usually consider myself very lucky to live in the NW. Our weather allows us the option to grow so many amazing plants and edibles. After last nights' snow in April, forget it! I would like to move now please!

That won't be happening though, instead, here's a trip down gardening lane, photos from a trip to Wells Medina Nursery last spring.  Something I hope to be doing again very shortly.

I have a BGGF: Best Gardening Girl Friend. They are good to have, I tell her to put stuff back and she tells me that my container combinations are not so hot. We make a good team, sifting through our favorite nurseries, finding our favorite plants and bringing a little spring home.

Here are some of our tips:
  • Make a list the containers you need to fill, the glee of plants galore can easily lead to overbuying. If you don't make a list bring a practical/mean friend like me that will say:  "STOP".
  • Call the nursery ahead of time to see when their shipments come in. You want first dibs on the newest, healthiest plants.
  • Gather up the plants that catch your eye and arrange them on your cart to visualize how they would look in your container. Go for big impact, lots of contrast! If you are uninspired, just copy the nursery containers. No one will know and your containers will look genius!
  • Always pick the smaller, less expensive plants. They are happier, easier to plant and will grow to the size of the bigger plants quickly. 
I always look forward to our nursery outings. The exchange of ideas, inspirations and creativity mixed with the anticipation of warmer days just makes me giddy with happiness. Thanks BGGF!

Do you have any other container gardening tips for the spring season?  Who else has a BGGF?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I try to always remember when buying plants for pots, you need one to soar, one to sprawl, and one to spill. Which means you need something tall, something to fill in, and something to trail down the sides. Great post you've inspired me to get planting.