November 18, 2010

Address Front and Center

I've always thought that a little front door re-do is one of the easiest ways to highlight your home. After a previous post on this subject, a friend asked me to help her with her front door/entry.



Her house numbers were hidden most months of the year by a beautiful maple. The front door is the front and center focal point of her porch. Thus we ordered vinyl lettering from Etsy shop:  Allie000 . Best $10 transformation I have seen.


Also, the door mat was so small considering the space on the porch. Most of the area is covered by an overhang so it made sense so purchase an all weather rug from that filled the area. 

One thing we considered while looking for an outdoor rug was how it would look with the existing flooring inside the home.  I love how this rug feels like an extension of the tiles inside the home.

Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if you have any questions. I had taken a ton of step by step photos detailing the application of the vinyl numbers. Unfortunately, something terrible happened in the uploading process and all of my images disappeared! Yes, they are gone!


Diana said...

We love it! everyone has commented and it is super cute and practical (can see address) and cheap, which is even better. So sorry about losing photos - you did take them step by step.. great idea - thanks!

Simply Brookes said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! As a renter this is the greatest, most personal touch for a re-locating Navy family trying to personalize our space. LOVE IT!

I think she'll be getting more business after this post!

Pat Brookes said...

Nice job! I like the coordination of the rug and tile floor also. I also like that green/red combo of door and wreath. It is so cheery.

Raine and Sage said...

Simple, cheap, but very effective. It's a very long house number. Ours only ever go up into the hundreds. :)

Mrs. Jones said...

That looks great! The numbers on the door add so much personality. I would love to replace the brass on my door with some aged bronze. I may have to fake it and try paint instead.


Anna See said...

looks great! i am contemplating painting my door and adding numbers like these!

H Young said...

I think that your front door should really speak to what's inside, say something about your home. A fresh coat of paint, new doorbell, or house numbers. It's too easy to change the whole look and feel. Please send pics if you have proceeded with a front door makeover!